Andrea Sneiderman is my friend. I haven’t spoken to her in over a decade, and yet she is my friend. We were close friends and roommates in college.

In a sorority of hard-working, motivated young women, we were among the hardest working and the most motivated. The apartment we shared our senior year was orderly and quiet.

I had my occasional big night out, but Andrea really didn’t.

I remember wishing she would go out for a drink or to hear a band with me, but she saved her free time. She saved all of her free time for Rusty.

He had graduated by then, so she always had her eye on their next phone call or weekend visit. He was what mattered most to her.

That said, when one of her friends was in need, Andrea would drop everything immediately to come to their aid. Everyone who knew her knew they could count on her.

No matter how inconvenient, no matter the sacrifice to her, Andrea always made herself available to help her friends.

I remember the night one of our pledge sisters called to tell us her serious boyfriend had unexpectedly broken up with her. I answered the phone and started to talk to her. She cut me off and said, “Krista, can I please talk to Andrea?” I wasn’t hurt. I knew that if I had been in that situation, Andrea was the one I would have wanted to speak to as well. She was kind, loyal, empathetic, strong.

Andrea and I have lost touch through the years. As I went through medical school and residency, I fell out of contact with everyone from college. Despite this, I know her.

I know what her character was like then, so I know what her character is like now. That part of a person doesn’t change. It is who she is.

If people could know her, could have the privilege of talking with her, they would know she is innocent.

I pray that her ordeal is over soon, that the case is overturned, that her children can have their remaining parent back home.

And after that, I pray that the people with whom Andrea has contact take the time to get to know her, to discover what an honest, caring, generous person she is.

- Krista

More support for Andrea

I have been following this case since the beginning and I think this is an absolute witch hunt.

It is a travesty of justice and very scary.

To think that any one of us could be judged in the eyes of the media or the very people who are posting such hateful comments about Andrea is incredibly frightening.

I wonder if these hateful people or her own family for that matter even read the testimonies or considered that she may be telling the absolute truth!

Andrea, I pray you find the strength you need to get through this.

Our almighty God has a great plan for you and He will watch over your family until you can be there for them.

Blessings and God’s love,

J. Aiken

Support for Andrea

Dear Andrea,

I have sat in front of the computer for the last few days trying to write a message that could express at least a little, how deeply sad I feel for you and your children.

I am so upset for what has happened to you. I know the company you worked very well I understand what you went through. A lot of people might not understand that, but you went in as a Seniore band working directly for an Executive. That is pressure right there and not knowing the company’s culture, any help you could get was very important. The helper turned out to be an evil person and he used you to cry out his own frustrations, both personal and professional while promoting his care for you.

I have watched both trials and I have not seen the evidence to prove your guilt. There were only interpretations and snippets of emails taken out of the context.

You have given his name to the police the day after the murder in front of your in laws… yet you are charged now with “concealing facts”.

Not only that is unfair but it is unheard of.

People are all smart now, and like to give opinions on what should have been done but they have not had to go through the pain and agony that you endured after the loss of your husband.

There is so much speculation that sickens me.

I think you are a very wise and intelligent lady and you trusted people and went in with your heart not knowing the judicial system in this country and how the words can turn up against you, just because somebody thinks you are the case of their life and they have to prosecute you no matter what.

I have cried the last few days as I haven’t in a long time and I have never met you and don’t know your family. I cannot begin to comprehend how difficult must be for you to endure this unfairness just so some can show ” that the system works”.

I have lived in different countries but have never seen more greed and promotion of personal agendas as here… but wait… all “in the name of justice!”

What happened to you is the lowest people can go to achieve personal gain.

The scariest part for us, seeing all the nasty twits and postings all over the internet, is that the same people can be jurors one day and put somebody in jail because they viewed things from their own personal experience and the media told them” she must be guilty of something”.

It is scary to live in this country where freedom is promoted but a lot of people lack common sense, basic analytic skills to see the facts, they can barely make inferences and see any nuances at all, yet they can decide somebody’s fate!

I have also learned from this how many people lack decency and they don’t know how to respond to a devastating situation with real emotion.

Please try to find the strength somehow to grow better out of this.

I can see you have the character, wisdom and devotion for your children to be able to accomplish that.

I will keep you and your children in my thoughts and hope for a quick release.

I will contact your friends to try to help your children or you in any way they might find appropriate.

You are innocent and I stand by you. LC

Shocked and Stunned

I am an occasional web sleuth and am almost always very pro prosecution. I only recently learned about this case and usually approach a case with the view that the person is probably guilty. After reading as much as I possibly could about this crime and trial and watching testimony- I am stunned and shocked!!!

It seems very obviously clear to me that there were some major assumptions on the part of the prosecution and investigators that sent them looking for evidence to support their belief and hypothesis about Andrea.

The testimony of her “friend” Shayna Citron that provided some of their “evidence,” was comical at best and she clearly presented an agenda.

This woman has serious issues. I can’t believe that ANYBODY would find her remotely credible!!!

The more I read, hear, and watch about this trial and mockery of justice, the more I feel like something HAS GOT TO BE DONE!!!

This is so wrong!!!

I don’t believe that she had a sexual relationship with her boss for one single second and I don’t think they provided ANY real evidence that supported their allegations of an affair.

I am convinced she had NOTHING to do with the death of her husband, any obstruction of justice, or perjury!!

This case is ridiculous!!!!!!!

This supposed perjury does not come in as credible fact, but supposition and hearsay.

One of their witnesses for this was from a “friend” who has so many contradictions in her testimony you can’t count them and was caught in a couple lies on the witness stand.

Earlier, Andrea willingly testified for the prosecution against her boss, against the advice of her attorney and then they turn around charged with perjury for it???!!!!! Are you kidding me?

Sadly, this woman made some unfortunate decisions, but I don’t understand charges, let alone a conviction and prison?

This case is so disturbing because a few simple mistakes is not criminal. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t a former president actually commit similar crimes that were effectively proved by audio recordings! -actual evidence? What happened to him??? How much time did he serve? None! And in this case, they didn’t have concrete evidence.

This is a TOTAL witch hunt and the fact that her “friend” participated makes me sick!!

As a woman from several states away, I stand outraged at this travesty of justice!!! What can be done?? This conviction cannot stand!!!

Andrea, I will be praying that you get justice!!

I would love to know where she will be spending her time pending an appeal. I have never written to someone in prison, but I would want to send her a letter and encourage her that there are people out here, who completely disagree with what happened to her and want to see real justice done. I am so sorry for you loss and your continued loss at the hands of a murderer and a flawed system. My regards from Oregon


I watched some of this case on YouTube. I felt compelled to write to you today.

Andrea’s friend Shayna Citron gave the most obvious display of pretence I have seen in a trail online. I watched in disbelief on my ipad. In fact I took my ipad over to my husband’s desk, tuned down the sound and asked him to watch a replay of what she was saying. I also showed him with the volume. Both times he agreed that she was pretending, acting, it was a horrible acting job too. What was shocking to me is no one in the media spoke about her. This woman was not telling the truth. Take her statement and play it for the cast of Lie To Me, and I am certain they would spot her deception. She is a liar. She was on stage. She saw this as an opportunity to be in the spotlight. She also spoke of Andrea as if she was enamored with her life. For example, she refers to Andrea being a very good dancer. She smiled as if she was proud of it. Look at the adulation when she says it. Turn down the volume as well and watch her try to act. I think this woman did not have the talent her friend possessed. She did not have the friendships obviously to the extent Andrea did. Clearly from her testimony she was a “frenemy” she envied Andrea’s life. And I think that’s why she took the entire situation so personally.

Why is she so involved in the marriage of this woman? No one saw that as odd? No one thought she was injecting herself into this woman’s situation and responding over the top? I mean why does she care so much about what was going on in Andrea’s life? Did it not cross anyone’s mind that this should not have been the case? Really? She was never Andrea’s friend.

I am really puzzled about why she was allowed to speak about what she thought was going on in Andrea’s mind, in her eyes, and in her heart, on a witness stand. She was not a witness to anything. Everything she said was subjective.

I am troubled by how this trial has played out in the media. I am disturbed that she was allowed to behave as drama queens do on a witness stand. When I saw her testimony I thought there is no way the jury cannot see, and feel, her lack of originality, her lack of genuineness. Even when the judge enabled her acting on the stand by allowing her to have a break….stopping the trial for her, I thought to myself this cannot be happening. I mean certainly he can see she’s a fake. So why is he entertaining this behavior? I felt as if I was watching an episode of 3rd Rock. It was the most surreal experience ever but it was real and that made it really hard to swallow, In fact I could not accept it.

I am writing to you because the outcome is surreal. One telling moment is when the lawyers at the prosecutors table did not go to her right away during her “break down” I mean normally if a witness is distressed the thing to do is to go up to them and comfort them. But this did not happen until later, and it came in the form of a bottle of water. The reason they did not go up to her right away, is because they knew nothing she said was authentic. Nothing she said was the truth.

If I am miles away and I can see that certainly those in the room could but you see prejudice is the reason the truth is rejected 9 times out of 10. So I ask myself why was she there? Why is it that no member of the media said anything negative about her? Why is it they spoke of her breaking down on the stand as if it was a real moment?

Listen, when Andrea’s mother gave her testimony, when she cried, I felt it. The one thing we cannot deny is that no one felt Shayna Citron’s “pain” on the stand. But we felt her “gain” on the stand, because I strongly believe this woman sees herself in a Lifetime movie adaption. She went there with that in mind. She performed. The judge often told the defense “let her answer the question” and I kept screaming in my mind and out loud WHY?

The other person I absolutely do not believe is the woman who saw them (Hemy and Andrea) at the bar. I do think she pieced together experiences from other persons who visited there along with the visit they made, this too was not authentic testimony. Something was off about the bartender. This case is disturbing.

I think Andrea was placed in an awkward situation and wanted to maintain her job. She was the provider. I think some things happened that she was not comfortable with but she felt strongly about this job. This was a big opportunity for her. It became her dream job. I think she should have reported her boss. I can also see why she did not. He was her mentor. She like many women in similar settings wanted things to work out independent of taking a stand. It is was not out of weakness but out of necessity. There was an imbalance of power here too.

I would challenge anyone to place themselves in her shoes and see if they would be clear headed enough to cover every angle. This man boxed her in and he did it with charm. He knew what he was doing. This woman was cornered. If you are cornered in a subtle manner which is what wicked people do, it is harder to get clear of that person’s intentions without somehow compromising a part of yourself, and by that I mean, not going to great lengths to get them to back off because the threat is subtle, it appears harmless, but you also know that it is gaining ground and it is because it is subtle you can easily say but he hasn’t really done this or that, when you know in your heart of hearts he will. When a woman is in this type of situation she is hoping the man will see who she is and back down, but no, bad men/people, will see this as an opening, in the same way a lion sees food.

This man abused his authority. He then made her his “friend” to get close to her. He then made the friendship very special, gave her what she needed to boost her confidence, and inched his way into her life, all the while, he is her boss. He has a master plan that she is completely unaware of. While the public may want to simplify this it is not simple. It was a calculated effort by Hemy for Hemy.

This man may be mentally ill but that does not mean he is not evil. He is. There are men all over the world who do these very same things who are sane. Men who trap women into fake friendships knowing it is the fastest way to gain their objective. This situation was about an imbalance of power. I can’t imagine that Hemy did not abuse his authority in other ways because we know behavior like this does not come out of a vacuum.

While this may be an extreme case it was not an isolated case orchestrated by Hemy. I am also very disturbed by the fact that the friend of Hemy who testified was allowed to do so.

Again I ask why? How do we know what she said was the truth? It sounded made up to me. And even if it was not, it is still what she says he told her, isn’t that hearsay? So why was it allowed?

The jury in my opinion did a few things that stood out, their actions alerted me that they were pro-prosecution. They laughed in support of the salacious testimony of Shayna Citron, and they laughed in support of the bartender’s statement, and at that point I said this is really inappropriate. Both these women cannot verify anything they said, they have no proof, yet the jury laughs in support of the way they responded to the defense.

We need to think for ourselves and see how wrong these events are, and how they add up to injustice. Lastly, I did not like the how the defense handled these three witnesses, Shayna, the bartender, and the friend of Hemy. I felt his style and tone did not challenge these liars. Plus the judge appeared to be pro-prosecution. This verdict should have been thrown out by the judge. I don’t know if he could have done it but I must say this was a clear case of injustice. This is not the best legal system in the world. It never was. It has a gaping hole. Thank you. – WC

More Support Letters

I live south of Boston and was proud to hear that Andrea and Rusty lived in Cambridge for awhile. I am heartsick about this sentence by Judge Adams. Who is going to come forward to protest this circus of a prosecution? And, Mr. James\’ closing argument was so declasse and embarassing. He revealed a sinister ego that is chasing political power by going after Andrea. I have no respect for him whatsoever. Shameful behavior! So, I can only pray that this case will successfully be appealed and Andrea will be released very soon. Hang in there family and friends of Andrea. Please tell her that she has many supporters and to dig deep within her soul to believe she can endure this unfortunate unfolding of events. Recently here in Boston, we witnessed the Bulger trial, where bone fide murders received light sentences in exchange for testimony against Bulger! And Andrea gets 5 years for supposed perjury? Outrageous! Please stay strong, all of you and get this woman home! I could go on for paragraphs…peace to you all! Sincerely, Kaye

The mere fact that Andrea Sneiderman could be found guilty and sentenced to prison is unbelievable and incredibly scary. It is proof that our society is plagued by sheeple and apparently our justice system is not immune. I do not know Andrea, but I am sure that any so-called lies she told were due to the horrible shock of losing her husband so suddenly and horribly. Did she make some mistakes? Most likely, but they are not a reason to convict and imprison her. The fact that our justice system could allow this strong, articulate, and beautiful woman to be maligned and punished for things she did not do or should never have been held responsible for due to emotional distress and hugely circumstantial evidence is frightening and makes me seriously question whether or not I want to continue living in Georgia or even the U.S. She and her children have been through way more than enough. Shame on Rusty\’s family for turning on her in her time of greatest need!! Andrea, kudos to you for your continued strength and grace. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family. – Melissa

I watched this case via the internet from Australia.. I would like to know the prison that Andrea has been sent to as I would like to send her a message of support.. I do not believe that she had an affair or that she had anything whatsoever to do with her husbands death… I would like her to know that the world is watching and not everyone believes in this witchhunt… Good work with all your support of your friend.. Kind Regards Sue – Australia

My friend and i are in full support of Andrea and wanted to know how to go about sending a letter. I\’ve gotten to know her and the kids and and just want to show my support. Thank you – Adina


Hi! I want to share my thoughts, prayers, and sympathy for Andrea & her family: i usually am only moved by “cruelty to animals “, but omg the way the DA ‘s office and almost every single blog and comment i read has attacked Andrea has brought me close to tears for not only Andrea ‘s current predicament, but the fact that she has never had the opportunity to properly grieve for the loss of her husband, not to mention the next 2-5 years or however long she will be incarcerated. I have heard and used the expression, “there are no words ” but truly, truly, THERE ARE NO WORDS to describe the horror of what this woman has been put through. Even if she HAD gone further than she stated (and quite frankly, i believe her) she STILL wouldn ‘t of deserved all the suffering she has endured. The lines sometimes DO get blurred, her reasons for trusting her mentor and being a little flattered and also for allowing Hemi into her life is ENTIRELY understandable. The Prosecutor tried to make every move she made seem sinister, especially when he said, “she brought mr Neuman into the home, what kind of game is she playing?! ” That was so out of line, how many of us have introduced and invited the boss home for dinner or what not? She probably did it more out of good intentions to hopefully have him “get the message ” that her family home life was strong “, when maybe she was uncomfortable “saying so “, but an invite might help him to, “get the picture that she was happy and not ever going to leave her husband “….She herself might not even of realized how or why she was introducing them, but sometimes our inner voice guides us to do things we THINK are right at the time, just as i am sure Andrea was doing. Seeing her shuffle towards the podium with shackles and an orange jumpsuit yesterday tore into my heart for her, unlike any other injustice i have ever witnessed. I don ‘t know Andrea, but i don ‘t have to to know she got the raw end of one of the worst deals in history. And quite frankly, while Judge Adams did go somewhat lenient on her considering how much time he COULD have given her! , i still feel he was “heartless “. He was far too jovial thruout, and wayyyyy too full of himself, his courtroom style almost made a mockery of the seriousness of this case. Clegg was amazing and i really thought he was going to get probation, but then i reasoned that given horriffic pursuit of this woman, i doubted they would ‘ve felt justified to not make her do time if a jury found her guilty of any of the counts. I do think the one error Clegg made was the way he “mocked Shayna Citron “… Don ‘t get me wrong, that woman was wayyyyy over the top and deserved his ridicule, she turned on Andrea and i think she blew her chance at heaven by the way she betrayed their friendship on that stand, (i mean jeeeez, 3 times on the stand and she could never even say one bad thing that Andrea had done to HER, mind your business Shayna, its THEIR marriage, after all, why insinuate yourself in it and take it sooooo personally even IF there was trouble between Rusty and Andrea, who are you to judge? No one knows what goes on between two ppl- you should ‘ve butt out, not buried her) But lastly, i just cannot believe that Casey Anthoney hindered a prosecution and lied a thousand times worse than Andrea, Jodi Arias don ‘t even lets get started on how evil she is, and yet they relentlessly go after Andrea? Andrea put it best, “this is a world i no longer understand “… No truer words ever spoken if you ask me. To me, this case is the most bizarre i have ever seen, and i have been an avid CourtTV watcher since the 90 ‘s… My prayers will be with her nightly, she has displayed amazing strength – May G*d be with her, her family & Rusty xxx BTC


I know both Rusty and Andrea from our paths that sometimes crossed at Dunwoody Prep. At the time I was a Playball coach and I had both Ian and Sophia in my class. Such lovely and wonderful children!

I have been absolutely gobsmacked by this trial. I have heard everything the people of the jury heard. I followed this trial live for 3 weeks and heard and saw every piece of evidence that was presented. WHERE is the evidence that shows her guilt beyond a reasonable doubt? I haven’t seen it and I haven’t heard it.

If I would have been on that jury, it would have been hung. Whoever thinks that justice for Rusty has been served, think again.

Rusty would not want this for Andrea, nor for his children. Two families are ripped apart, and a mother is in jail for not being able to comprehend her boss could possible do something like this, and her children have to spend a long time without their mother because the prosecutor succeeded in making a case out of non existing evidence.

I was born and raised in Europe, and we don’t have jury trials. This case clearly shows why.


More outcries of support

I am astounded by what has happened to Andrea. I look at her and the string of events that have led to the outcome today and I think how easily this could happen to anyone else. Good people caught up in seemingly innocuous circumstances that lead to tragedy. And it amazes me how many people want to sit in judgment. A woman married for a number of years, back in the workplace for the first time and flattered, as she admitted today, by the attention of an authority figure, but still careful not to cross the lines of inappropriate behavior. I can so see myself in these circumstances, and I find it a travesty that time, money and energy have been wasted on this prosecution and that the results take this mother from her children. I pray for a quick parole or release for good behavior. But most of all I just wanted to say from one career woman to another…I understand, and I know you are innocent. I see it in your eyes and hear it in your voice. No punishment can be inflicted more painful than that you live with every day. But you are a victim here. Remember that. Stay strong. God bless. – Kim

I have never had the opportunity to meet Andrea Sneiderman.However I spent the better part of the day crying uncontrollable in front of my computer while watching the sentencing.I am left with not understanding the world I live in.If what I experienced this morning was a indication?What is 2 million dollars to a lifetime of earning that Rusty would of provided if he were alive.The two million dollars that she have been saved for her childrens future.Not to go to lawyers in order to defend herself from a murder charge that would be dropped the first day of trial.Nor should it go to the people that are suing her for vengeance ! I feel for the Sneiderman\’s loss.What they are doing is not letting them heal.It is only adding fuel to a fire that should of gone out along time ago.You say you love your grandchildren? What you are doing. Is not love.I believe Rusty would not of wanted his family persecuting his wife.Whatever indiscretion happened.You prefer to believe a self admiitted sane man that heard voices.Over a woman that you have known since she was 18 yrs old.The wife your son wanted.The mother of the children that you profess to love.Once again I am sorry for the Sneiderman\’s loss but it\’s time to heal.Especially when the state dropped the murder charges.She was not involved in killing your son or brother.You can\’t forgive that she lied.Have you stopped to think of the reasons why she chose to lie?Maybe it was because she was ashamed that after you found out about some of her indiscretions,that you would no longer respect her or have her part of your family.She may of known that she had put herself in some akward times with her boss.That if she did not say anything about it,she could save her family the embarrassment.Her children the embarrassment.That does not necessarily add up to a affair.So now this woman is going to go to a prison where there is people that deserve to be there. People that need to be rehabilitated .What rehabilitation does she need?She could be outside helping others.Helping h! er children to be raised to be like their father.Like their mother.A prison sentence was given to Andrea today.However it was really more then Andrea.Her children were also given one.Sophia will be 12 and Ian will be 9 when Andrea gets out of prison.Her parents are also going to serve a sentence.They are going to have to be those childrens parents now.Instead of Andrea keeping Rusty\’s memory alive.Andreas parents have that job They did not ask for this.They finished raising their children.They wanted to be grandparents.They wanted to be the one\’s to spoil those kids.Not to raise them.Something bothered me today.Besides the whole proceeding.right at the end when they took Andrea in to custody.The camera was still rolling.You see Andrea\’s supporters consoling each other.In tears,in disbelief of what just happened.Then there was where the Sneiderman\’s were at.People were shaking grandpa Sneiderman and congratulating the family.Did I miss something? Did anyone win today? When it\’s all said and done.Did anybody win today? Is anyone going to collect a prize because a woman that lied was sentenced to 5 years in PRISON.The state was asking for 20 yrs.You have got to be kidding.How did a plea deal that they offered Andrea of 1 yr in prison.Go to 20 yrs because she fought for what she believed was right.How do you add another 19 yrs to that.You have the audacity to keep a straight face while making that recommendation to the judge.There are no winners today.No one.I pray that Andrea will seek some comfort tonight in knowing that there are people from all over the world.That are on her side.I live in Canada.I want people to get together and help her win this appeal.This woman cannot spend the next 4 years in prison for lying!I have never felt this passionate about something in my 47 years.I pray for her parents and family and friends.You all look like a great bunch of people.That I would be honored to know.I especially pray for Sophia.I wish her a Happy Birthday on Sunday.Even though I know her birthday\’s wi! ll never ! be the same.Until when her mother can bake her birthday cake for her again.I pray that Ian understands that his mom is not dead.That his mom is still with him.Even though he can\’t touch her yet.I pray that he is resilient to the change that\’s going to happen now.I also pray that the Sneiderman family will find it in their hearts one day to forgive Andrea.I believe Rusty would of wanted that. – Linda

Outcry of support

Below are just a few of the notes of support that have come in over the past 24 hours:

Sending prayers to Andrea’s children, to her parents and to her – as well as to Rusty’s family. I believe the media tried the case versus the justice system. While I also believe that Andrea made some mistakes, and don’t believe she deserves the sentence she got – nor do I believe she deserves a prosecution who will go after people for lying, but won’t step up to go after the most vile among us with as much drive. My prayers will continue and I will hope and pray that Andrea can get out with good behavior much sooner! – Melissa

Its to bad we are assumed guilty brought on by spoken words of attorney\’s trying to win then by the media deciding or fate because they need a good story. You were stalked by a person you trusted and you needed to keep your job. Been there, the boss was a nut its too bad people have the thinking that every thing is a conspiracy and always the wife when a husband is killed. 95% of families have life insurance but when someome passes they always say its a motive. I son passed away last year of natural causes, he was 39 lived with me here in a senior park and worked full time and even with that I heard rumors that people were saying it must of been a drug overdise because of his age.I was pissed he had a heart problem but non the less people dont want to hear reality they need drama. I will pray for you daily you and your family the loss is hard enough then a few words over the media destroy many many lives. As far as Rusty\’s family they just want someone to blame I wish I had someone to blame it would make it easier to cope with the loss. There is only one man to blame and he is being punished I don\’t understand why they took you down too. I wish you could have a legal standing against Neans attornys for what they started by defaming you. I hope things get better . Thoughts and prayers – Robin

I hope Andrea plans to appeal. This case was slanted from the beginning. I think there was a great deal of jealously of Andrea. I could sense that from her former best friend Mrs. Citron. I think people had made up their minds long before the trial began. I wrote an email to 11Alive. I’ve been a loyal viewer for as long as I can remember, but I was sorely disappointed in the coverage. The judge was SO PREJUDICIAL!! Prayers for you Andrea. Most of all prayers for your precious children. – Cathy

I feel sickened by the verdict and I really feel for Andrea right now. I feel bad for all the family members, most especially the children. I will continue to support Andrea through all of this mess. – David

This verdict is UNREAL! How could they find her guilty of anything when all they have is gossip from a Realtor and BS from a former friend who had NOTHING to base her testimony on except HER feelings? This MUST be appealed immediately! And her children MUST be protected from Rusty’s parents. This is all based on Hemy’s lawyer using her to get his client off by pointing the finger at Andrea in his closing argument and those miserable ex-inlaws trying to get custody of the kids. Rusty’s father had motive to lie, yet the Defense lawyers never asked him about his failed bid to get the kids. I strongly support Andrea and want her to know she is not alone. My heart is broken. But this is NOT the end. It is far from the end. – Suzie

Two years and nine month ago one of my closest friends was taken from his children. Today it looks like their mom will be taken too. A travesty of justice driven by a DA with something to prove, a police department that dropped the ball, and an attorney looking to get paid. It is so sad. – Jeffery

I have followed the trial from the beginning. I have never met Andrea, but would like to express my sympathies for the injustice that has been done to her. I Clearly see how they railroaded her and I never “bought-in” into any of the accusations. I felt that the defense backed up my suspicions. It is a travesty that one can anger the wrong person; get set-up on the stand at someone else’s trail without any defense, punished for a murder that you did not commit for a year and have your life ruined- ALL because someone doesn’t like you!! I am appalled at Robert James, Judge Adams and their entire team. – Anonymous


Innocence of Andrea

I do not believe that Andrea is guilty of any charge that has been levied against her in this mockery of a trial.

The judge is so pro-prosecution, that it is sickening.

I truly believe that she is a victim of Malicious Prosecution.

That James should be disbarred. He hopes instead to be catapulted from her shoulders to the DA of DeKalb. He is as twisted as Hemy.

The jury is still out and I hope that bodes well for the defense.

Support and Care for Andrea Sneiderman

Dear Andrea Sneiderman,

I would like for you to know that you have been so unjustly maligned, mistreated and persecuted by a group of soulless people whose only interests lie in using any tactics and means allowed by the law to further their own agendas of fame, ego, notoriety, and power.

This case is a complete travesty and shows me that there is no possibility of receiving fair treatment by the law in any trial in DeKalb County, and possibly in the entire State of Georgia. So many people have openly voiced their final opinions before having heard any or all of the evidence of the non-case. The 11 Alive News Team has chosen to pre-determine your fate and guilt with very biased dissertations and comments, and even an evening program with a “show” Judge sitting in to comment on your guilt and the meaning of the trial events. This circus act should be illegal, may be illegal, but is being used as entertainment to further their cause of increased ratings; the Law clearly states “innocent until PROVEN guilty”.

Unfortunately media theatrics now take precedence over the Law, and over common decency; these people have chosen to ignore that Law and to move forward as both Judge and Jury. I have shed many tears while watching this shocking travesty, and now no longer wish to live in this State, where a young woman can be pushed, harassed, trapped, and manipulated by her boss in a corporation such as GE, and then when he is shown and certified to be a Psychopathic Killer of her young husband, she is then continuously and systematically harassed, bullied, and set up for an unjust prosecution by the very people who have been elected and hired to protect and defend her, simply for their own aggrandizement.

I am so proud of you for being able to maintain your dignity, and seeming peaceful state of mind throughout these horrible years of your life. Your obvious intelligence, wisdom, character and calm demeanor as well as your ongoing devotion to your late husband, your children, your Mother and family has shown through beautifully with every breath you have taken. I am so glad you stood up strongly for yourself and tried to gain the attention of those who refused to listen to your plea for help in dealing with a lunatic who may have soon chosen to harm you and your children.

I am so proud of your lovely Mother who has shown her strength and integrity throughout this trial. I want you to know that there are sensible and reasonable people out here who believe in you as an honorable and very intelligent and caring person who is innocent of these trumped up charges. I am ashamed of those who have voiced opinions which indicate their ignorance of life and law, and complete lack of common sense or compassion. You are a beautiful young lady with a wonderful life ahead of you.

Please remain strong, brave and wise to get through this sad time, then move on with your wonderful family and be happy again, knowing that there are many, many people who do not need to know you personally to support and care about you and to believe in your complete innocence. Your great inner strength and integrity will surely prevail over the schemes, incompetence and lack of skills of the Dunwoody Police Department and the blatant and continuous biases, manipulations of truth, and ridiculous antics of the Officers of the Court of DeKalb County. You and your family are in my prayers for a peaceful, immediate and complete deliverance from this tragic and unwarranted persecution.



It sure seems like the jury is deliberating an awful long time for something that’s supposed to be such an open-shut case. I mean, the prosecution and media have been telling us how evil and manipulative this woman is. Why on earth is it taking them so long to confirm her guilt?


These 12 people are now having to really look at what the prosecution is actually presenting. The fact of the matter is, it isn’t adding up. Sadly,even the jury doesn’t get to know all the facts in the case. The many legal maneuverings and courtroom theatrics on the part of the prosecution have kept important witnesses and evidence out of the case. Yet even with this partial set of facts that they do have, the jury is seeing the holes. That’s why it’s taking them so long. The real woman and her real supporters are sitting in a room with these jurors, and they aren’t seeing the evil, manipulative caricature that the reporters and the prosecution have fabricated. Some of them have certainly been swayed by the media circus around this and they walked into the courtroom with their judgment already in tow. But some of them are understanding that this isn’t the story the public has been told. Things look very different when the media hype is replaced with real people.

I challenge a reporter reading this blog to do the brave thing and actually look at the other side of this. Actually dig into the facts and do the thing you intended to do when you decided to go into journalism – EXPOSE THE TRUTH. You haven’t been doing that and you know it.

This is how it is works, folks, and it’s time we stop buying into it. The media decides what sells, they write the story and we all lap it up. We take one single soundbite from the evening news and use it to make a snap judgement about a person’s entire character. We starting hating people we don’t even know and making vicious comments about them on web sites. We tweet about how they should “rot in hell” and we use their struggle for freedom as topic for entertainment. We let the media suck our humanity out of us and turn us into a bunch of blind, gullible, mean-spirited robots. Wake up!

We’re broken records on this web site because those of us writing it know ALL the facts. Andrea is an amazing, loving person. She gave the police all the information she could in order to help find her husband’s killer. She told the truth. We know this. Andrea Sneiderman’s life has been shattered and her only crime is not knowing how to handle a situation where your boss is stalking you and you have to keep your job in order to support your family as your husband pursues his dream of starting a company….oh wait a minute. That’s not a crime! That’s being a victim in someone else’s maniacal, manipulative game.

Now Andrea’s many supporters can only wait, hope and pray that some of these jurors still have that humanity in their hearts. I am putting my focus on those 12 people having the strength to put the hype aside and open their minds to the truth that hasn’t been told. Unfortunately, they don’t get to see that whole story, but I believe that what they have seen will be enough to show this case for what it truly is.

I believe my friend will be free to raise her children and go to the little league games and dance recitals that Rusty will never get to see. She will see them for him and be there to keep his memory alive for their children every day. While this nightmare will never truly end for her, at least this horrific chapter will close and she can put her focus back on what remains of her family.


Soon we will probably hear from the 12 jurors. The fate of my friend Andrea will be read on TV. I want to explain my passion, because some don’t understand it. I was born in the Republic of Panama, it was a POLICE STATE. They had the power and you didn’t want to run into them for any reason. People who spoke out against them disappeared , months sometimes years, sometimes forever. YOU COULD NOT BE AGAINST THEM.

Andrea was my student for 2 years, a goody two shoes, a rule follower. I saw her with her husband and first child. She was my neighbor’s best friend. I stand for her because she has stood up to the police, the courts and over and over proclaimed her innocence. She is the voice that they don’t want to hear. The one who says they botched the investigation, they made her a scapegoat, they built a case from circumstantial evidence, they tried her, came for her with SWAT teams and helicopters, jailed her and isolated her, gagged her. YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK 10 days before her MURDER TRIAL they dropped all the murder charges.

She is fighting for her two kids and her honor. This is what I am saying: HEAR HER! She has a side too! Don’t let them keep her down. THEY HAVE NO EVIDENCE. If she loses she will appeal, they will be able to jail her again, but the first time she had a voice was in her lawyers closing arguments. IT will take an hour to listen to it in it’s entirety. The reason she did not take the stand is because in a court of law you are only asked to answer the questions they ask of you. They can twist things to add fire to their stories, their lies.

She met many people in jail who she believes are innocent. After all this I believe it too. Does the police academy graduation ceremony require a guarantee of honesty from those they send out in the world to “serve and protect” OR are they putting out police with as many human interests as we have and the power to keep us silent and jailed. This is why I am SO adamantly passionate that I set aside my desire for privacy and my desire for peace in my heart. I love this country but I fear I am going to live in a police state all over again. IF we think that the police are subject to a higher standard…think again. Andrea is tho voice of AMERICA. LAND of the fREE. Where we are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY.

So much for innocent until proven guilty

Posted today by Andy Lipman in his blog at

    Innocent until proven guilty

Those words are the backbone of our judicial system. Over the last 12 plus months, I’ve learned that those words are just “words.” I have learned that there are some people in this world that will do anything to bully others in order to improve their own fates. I have learned that while everyone who breathes has a heart, that some people only use theirs to pump oxygen and nothing else.

I have been very hesitant to write about my true feelings on the Andrea Sneiderman trial. Being a member of both Facebook and Twitter, I have read some very ugly comments about my friend Andrea. All of the animosity towards Andrea stems from her testifying a year ago in the Hemy Neuman trial. Andrea didn’t have to testify that day but she did so in order to put away the man who killed her husband and left her children father-less. She did so to put away the man who harrassed her at work and even away from the office. She did so to make things right.

Andrea was upset when she was on the stand because the prosecution turned on her and instead of making this case about the man who killed her husband, they made it about her. Imagine going into your boss’s office thinking you’re getting a raise and preparing to come home and tell your significant other that things are going to be awesome. We’re going to have more money, more security, etc. Then imagine walking into the boss’s office and having him say “You’re fired! Pack up your things.” That is the same kind of 180 degree turn that took place for Andrea. I can totally understand why she was angry. BUT that is not the temperment that our friend Andrea normally displays. She was caught by surprise and I can’t blame her for her anger. I can’t blame her one bit. You saw 30 minutes of Andrea. I have seen 5 years worth of her. Actually 4 years since she has been under house arrest for 1 year for charges that were later dropped.

I have been a witness in the Sneiderman trial this time around and now that I’m not subpoenaed anymore after taking the stand, I’ve been able to catch up on this trial. Let me tell you what I know and how I feel. I know there will be a lot of “haters” who will want to bash me. I am supporting a friend and therefore I know that what I’m doing, while not popular, is right especially because I know that she is innocent.

1. Shayna Citron lied on the stand. She told 2 different stories. Read the transcripts and watch the videos.

2. There are people who are trying to take advantage of the spotlight in this case by trying to write a book and take advantage of every opportunity to be in front of the press. Shame on you. You know who you are.

3. My friend lost her husband and the father of her children. I can’t believe some of the awful things people are writing. You didn’t see Andrea after the loss of her husband. I witnessed her breakdown at the hospital, at the funeral and in several other places. He was the love of her life. I saw them together often and I have no doubt of that. What you didn’t see were her behind-the-scene efforts to do charity work in Rusty’s memory…for example the Russell J. Sneiderman sponsorship at my event, Wish for Wendy.

4. Just about every one of you who hates my friend has never met her. She’s amazing. I wish you could meet Andrea and get to know the wonderful person that me and my Andrea know. Some of you who did not know her have compared her to Jodi Arias or Casey Anthony. How many people spoke on their behalf? How many people spoke on Andrea’s? Exactly.

5. This case had a judge who was obviously one-sided. He should have recused himself from this case being that he threw Andrea out of the Hemy Neuman case when he presided. Did she make a mistake by hugging a witness? Absolutely!!! But that’s not something that is worth any amount of jail time.

6. Andrea did not perjure herself. Shayna Citron did as did a few other players in this case. I hope that information eventually comes out.

7. This is not a movie. It shocks and pains me that people are cheering a wonderful mom and wife (now widow) to be put in prison.

8. Andrea Sneiderman’s biggest crime was not going to HR. She wasn’t just dealing with an awful man. She was dealing with a BOSS who was not only a stalker but also a murderer. Read the e-mails again but this time pretend to be someone who is scared to lose your job in a male-dominated employment world. Pretend that you wanted to let your husband live his dream. Pretend that you thought you could deal with the harrassment. I know one person who did not pretend and that was Andrea. Some of you will say you would have done things differently. Until you put on my friend’s shoes, you don’t know that. Please remember that she considered other options. See the testimony of her friends specifically my wife’s.

9. Read the e-mails in this case again. Andrea felt guilty for holding this man’s hand. Some of you have said she must be lying if that’s what is making her repent. Then ask yourself, “What if she’s telling the truth?” That would mean that she loves her husband so much and she is that honorable that this one small act (to some of us) was torturing this woman’s heart and soul.

10. This trial has sadly changed my view of people. They have let the media, undermining attorneys and public opinion sway their own thoughts. If I could introduce each of you to Andrea Sneiderman and her children, you would stop thinking the way you do.

I want to conclude this by saying I’m sorry for the loss that the Sneiderman family in Ohio suffered. I can’t even imagine. This is not Andrea’s fault though. This was Hemy Neuman’s fault. He deserves 100% of the blame. He was a stalker and a murderer and is spending every day of the rest of his life in prison and I still don’t think that’s enough. He took away Rusty Sneiderman, an amazing man, a passionate humanitarian and a loving father, son, brother and husband. I don’t think there’s anything Andrea could have done to prevent this man from taking Rusty’s life.

Instead of saying “The Hell with Andrea and revenge for Rusty”, maybe you should realize that freeing Andrea is what Rusty would have wanted. His children are already father-less. Are there really some of you who want them mother-less too? Can people be that cold?

Andrea Sneiderman is my friend and I stand by her and I pray that she is vindicated. Watch the trial again but this time ignore the media. Read the e-mails again and see if this woman was really the love-struck vixen the media portrayed or just a woman who was trying to handle a crazy stalker. There is absolutely no hard evidence in this case. Out of all the e-mails, did she ever respond, “I love you.”? No! Did she ever tell this man that she was leaving her husband? No! Was there ever any sexual content in her e-mails? No! The prosecution used a perjurer as a witness. The prosecution used a real estate agent who had talked to a man who was in prison for being “Guilty BUT mentally ill.” They had talked to a bartender who claimed they kissed but could not get other facts correct. There are also cases where hearsay occurred between Andrea and Rusty’s father. The first day they asked, Andrea Sneiderman gave the Dunwoody Police Hemy Neuman’s name. She did everything she was ASKED to do.

Whatever happened to “Innocent until proven guilty.” Andrea Sneiderman should be found innocent of all charges.

On another note, I’m proud of my Andrea for testifying on Thursday. She was amazing. I’m proud of everyone who has done the “less popular” thing and openly supported our friend throughout this trial.

For those of you who have hated on Andrea Sneiderman, I was once you. NO, not in this case but 17 years ago. That year a security guard was blamed for the Olympic bombing in Atlanta. I, like you, hated on him only to find out later on that Richard Jewel had absolutely nothing to do with the Olympic bombing. It was instead Eric Robert Rudolph. Jewel later died at the young age of 44 and though he was cleared of all charges I doubt he ever healed from the way he was treated…and this was long before the social media revolution. To the family of the late Mr. Jewel, I say that I’m sorry.

    Richard Jewel

For those of you who hate Andrea Sneiderman, I feel bad for you. You’ll never have a chance to meet a wonderful person. You’ll never have a chance to meet her or her children. I know they will grow up to be amazing people like their father AND THEIR MOTHER.

Today Andrea will meet her fate and I pray that she is found not guilty and that she has an opportunity to speak about the travesty of house-arrest for murder charges that were dropped just days before her actual trial. I hope she can tell people about a friend who betrayed her on the stand and was later caught in a lie. I hope she can tell people about how she was treated by police (who wanted her to do their job for her), lawyers (who threatened her with indictment at all costs) and about others who tried to make money off of her story. I hope she tells you how the police raided her home without telling her but only telling the media so they could be there with cameras. That same day her children were in that home that they raided though the DA said the contrary.

I hope she one day publishes this story and uses the money to send her children to school and pay off the debt that has been forced upon her.

If you know me, you know I have a good heart and I look out for every one of my friends. Andrea is very much included. I love her. I loved Rusty. I love her parents and her children. I won’t stand by and see them raked by everyone on social networks and the media.

Andrea, I am here for you. Regardless of Friday’s decision, you have a friend in me and my Andrea and so many others who will never, ever betray you or your trust.

Let’s win this one for Rusty. I know that he is in your corner as well.

Innocent until proven guilty.


Keeping Faith

As I’ve watched this horrible miscarriage of justice unfold, I’ve been so amazed at how Andrea has managed to endure all of this. So few could show the strength she as shown in these years since Rusty’s death. Now as her trial nears its end I must force myself keep the faith that my beautiful friend will prevail in this.

I keep my faith that these jurors will not choose to believe the second-hand testimony of an insane murderer over the evidence brought to them by the defense.

I keep my faith that they will see the holes in the prosecution’s version of these tragic events.

I keep my faith that this wonderful mother will not be taken away from her children.

I keep my faith that people will someday realize that what’s happened to my friend, could also happen to them because our system is so broken.

I keep my faith in my friend. I know her story and I believe in her.

I keep my faith in Andrea.

How would you feel???

I’m a numbers person, not a writer, but I couldn’t take it anymore. I have so many pent up feelings about the show that is being put on by the prosecutors and the media. Andrea should not being living this hell that she’s going through. And now, the possibility of jail? It’s all so disgusting. Andrea is a honest, loving friend who is needed by her friends, the community, family and her children. Her kids NEED her. The repercussions of the jury falling into the trap of the prosecutors is frightening. Enough of the obvious. The point is…Andrea should be free of this living nightmare. She has already lost too much.

The real reason I decided to write though was because I’m so bothered by the constant comments regarding Andrea’s “feisty demeanor” on the stand. Back when Andrea was getting ready to testify, she was still beyond overwhelmed by the loss of her husband, Rusty. In not knowing how she was going to hold herself together with the cameras rolling, we, her friends, advised her to stay focused so as to not have a complete breakdown. If that meant being angry because a crazy person shot her husband, then so be it. She has every right to be angry. Why has she been cursed by this?

On the stand, she was asked demeaning and demoralizing questions that were meant to belittle her and test her memory, something that none of us would be able to recall after the trauma she has endured. Her reaction is probably exactly how I would have responded….shock at the preposterous questions targeting me as an accomplice. Yes, she was angry. I am angry. We should all be angry at the way the public is being manipulated. So, this “feisty/defensive attitude” is an absolute joke and it’s seems to be the one of the few things that people can hang on to. People have to learn to think for themselves. If you were going through this hell for no fault of your own, how would you feel? I don’t know, but I’m thinking anger is one of the first things that comes to mind.

Andrea is not guilty. Of anything. The prosecutors have known this all along but for the sake of their own selfish needs to be in the media spotlight, they decided to hang on to the murder charges right up until it was time for the trial to begin. How is it that the prosecutors aren’t being punished for taking away Andrea’s life for the last few years? Now they’re just going through with these lesser charges to keep themselves in the public eye. Again, I’m stating the obvious and it’s my own anger that is coming out. But wait, is that allowed?

I pray that one day Andrea will be free to move on. She is a smart, caring and loving mom that does not deserve anything but the same love in return. She shouldn’t be in a courtroom. She shouldn’t be on trial. She shouldn’t go to jail. She is innocent.

I love you Andrea.


Prosecution admits it was a Persecution

In today’s Atlanta Journal Constitution, an article published talks about how Don Geary admits that he set a trap to extract Andrea’s testimony in the Neuman trial.

From the article:

What transpired were hours of gripping courtroom drama as a combative Sneiderman deflected one loaded accusation after another from the state and Neuman’s defense team.

But prosecutors had set a trap, and Sneiderman walked right into it, said Don Geary, DeKalb’s former chief assistant district attorney. “It was a very tactical move and it was a tactical move to do it first,” said Geary, now a Cobb County prosecutor.

The Truth is Out – Here are the Facts!

While the media circus is in full swing, the truth needs to come out.

Here is an aggregation of statements of FACT from several friends of Andrea that have been spoken to in the past 12 hours:

1 – Andrea had been overcharged from the start. This finally came to light. There was no new evidence provided, but the DA knew that he would be humiliated on national TV if the murder charges were pursued, so he did the smart thing; bow out now.

2 – The DA admitted today his case was circumstantial. Why is there any case left?

3 – Andrea was told about Rusty being shot when she arrived at the daycare and not before. She was told at the daycare.

4 – The national media and the general public all are willing to believe a madman, a pathological liar and an individual that is convicted of murder over a woman who has told the truth from day one but who has been vilified but the general public.

5 – Look at Hemy Neuman: He told police he didn’t have an affair but he told different acquaintances different stories about his working relationship with Andrea. He has been listening to voices since 1981 as we learned yesterday. And his attorneys have adamantly stated that he acted alone and would testify to such if asked.

6 – Why is Andrea Sneiderman paying the price continuously for a delusional person killing her husband? This has gone on far too long.

7 – Andrea and Rusty had a happy marriage. They were planning for the future. And that future was taken from them. She has not taken off her rings since his death with the exception of being forced by incarceration. Any suggestion to the contrary is further media embellishment.

8 – Most importantly, her behavior is consistent with a woman who was called to the stand in the murder trial of her husband’s killer under the false pretense that she was the key to putting her husband’s killer in jail. Only during the course of that testimony did the state railroad her for the purpose of making its case stronger. The defense jumped on board and continued that assault. What is an innocent person to do? What would you do if you were in the situation? How would you handle if you were attacked on the stand?

9 – How much tax payer money has been spent on this wasteful case? And how much money that should have been saved for Andrea’s children has been spent on a legal defense? There are no winners and only losers.

10 – Andrea has lost her husband, been accused of murder on television, arrested at her home with TV cameras in tow when she had volunteered to turn herself in, and then kept on house arrest for almost 12 months without even an apology. Where will the injustice end? This woman needs to be released immediately. The state consented to the removal of her ankle monitor yet it is still attached. Why is that?

11 – Andrea should not consider any plea. She is guilty of nothing. The public, the media, and the district attorney’s office should be ashamed of themselves.

Andrea – You have always had support of your friends and Rusty’s friends. That will never waiver. All of your friends look forward to the lies being exposed from the top all the way down.

Stay strong,
Your friends and supporters


I have read over some of the recent articles in the news.

I have run across a few articles by reporters who ask questions in their articles…not perniciously worded but careful not to draw conclusions or use accusatory language.

It is sad that these articles are in the minority.

The idea that many reporters are rewriting stories instead of giving unbiased information has made me very upset.

These are people who are telling thousands …their version of what they’ve heard with a basic disregard for research and integrity.

The worst of these however, I find are the hosts of TV shows who feed on the misinformation and create more drama in a TV talk show.

I pray that we don’t fall victim to big MEDIA and start believing what people are accused of before a reasonable jury of their peers hears their side.
It is so frightening.