The prosecution and media should think twice before going down this road

Recent allegations regarding my friend, Joseph Dell, have been suggested by attorneys who are reaching to a find way to convict an innocent woman. They have gone too far and the media has bought it hook line and sinker. By spouting out half truths without even speaking to anyone involved in their newest hypothesis including not even speaking to Joseph, these attorneys are now infringing on my friend’s character, family and livelihood. With what has been said about my friend doesn’t even make sense and if anyone stopped to think about it for one minute, they too would see these ideas are preposterous. I feel obligated to defend one of my closest friends, whose character has been called into question recently.

I have known Joseph Dell for over ten years and am proud to call him one of my best friends. The recent allegations against Joseph are both obscene and completely ridiculous. It sickens me to see my friend slandered and falsely accused. Last time I checked, helping out your friend’s family and being supportive was a good thing. That is exactly what Joseph did. Funny how the attorneys insinuate that Joseph has moved in to Andrea and her parents’ home. Because I was just visiting with Joseph at his own place a couple of weeks ago. To suggest that there was some lurid plot is horribly offensive.

Unfortunately we live in a media fueled world where you believe everything you hear in the news. The media and desperate prosecutors like to spin innocent stories like this one into salacious weapons for the masses. They must be desperate to make their allegations stick, and have since resorted to slander and fairy tale fabrication.

I urge all of you to watch patiently as their case falls to pieces in court. I’m pretty sure the court system runs on facts, not theories. Of course the prosecutors have theories. I have many theories myself about their agenda. Looks like they’ll use anything they can to drag anyone supporting Andrea and her family through the mud. Unfortunately they are going to have to offer evidence to support their theory. I know for a fact they don’t have any.

The truth will be told. Since the DA can’t find anything from the original indictment to support their claim about Andrea, now they are changing their tune and attempting to involve a great guy in a lurid accusation. I will patiently wait for the day I watch their case fall to pieces. I know they have no evidence. I know the truth. I’m not worried in the slightest for my friend or Andrea. I’m upset his character has been questioned. I will defend him wholeheartedly until the bitter end.

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